Preparing Particles for fishing times

If primed correctly on the right occasion, particle baits can prove to be more effective than boilies. They are great as a feed, hook and holding bait. The choices available now are huge, so there will be something to suit every situation.

‘Particle’ refers to a wide range of beans, nuts, peas and seeds. If prepared right, the natural oils, sugars and flavours are given the chance to blend with the fish’s natural feeding environment.

It’s crucial that anglers prepare particles correctly as a fish that eats uprepared particles may suffer due to the seed or nut expanding within the fish’s digestive system.




Hemp 12-14 hours Until split
Tares 12-14 hrs 20-30 mins
Standard tiger nuts 24 hrs 30 mins
Premium tiger nuts 24 hrs 30 mins
Chopped tiger nuts 12-14 hrs 10-20 mins
Peanut kernels 12-18 hrs 20-30 mins
Wheat 6 hrs 10-15 mins
Whole maize 24 hrs 30 mins
Flaked maize Not needed 1 min
Maple Peas 12-14 hrs 20-30 mins
Groats Not needed 1 min
Chick Peas 12-14 hrs 20-30 mins
French Mix Not needed 1 min
Blackeyed Beans 12-14 hrs 20-30 mins
Red Kidney Beans 12-14 hrs 20-30 mins
Carp Krunch 6 hrs 10-15 mins
Moth Beans Not needed 1 min
Red/White Dari 6 hrs 10-15 mins

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